Letter one

Kaliwali emma. Im the one who’s here with you and giving u the love. I’ll enjoy it while i have u all for myself. Even if u still talk with her. It’s your conscience not mine if you are feeding me lies. Haha
We both have people in our lives that have been there for very long, its just up to you if you are willing to keep them aside and make room for me, as you said, your love. Set these people aside so you ensure that my insecurities are at bay. Be transparent with me so i know you’re keeping your promise of not telling lies and keeping secrets. 
I’m trying my best to start fresh with this relationship we started out of nowhere. Without even knowing our interests and shit like how a standard relationship should start. I’m sorry if I’m being a textbook bitch about this. You know i want things perfect but messy at the same time. Its contradicting but you get my point. 
 i gave up everything for you at least give me the peace of mind that you will do the same for me. But i won’t ask you to do stupid things like that. I just want complete honesty at least that one i gave to you more than anyone. Even more than to myself. 
I want you to know that i will fight for you even if i know its stupid and i will lose because you’re everything i have now. And i hope it’s the same for you too. I will try to give you all the understanding i have left in me to appreciate your flaws and work on improving our love. I know that the future that i have planned for myself is gone like smoke now, and having to start it with you seems very scary. Kaliwali let’s handle each day and eventually we’ll get there. Inshallah. 
I love you, Schatz. 

Don’t ever forget that. 


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