Letter two

Dear Schatz, 

Hello my love. 

You are probably dreaming about something that doesn’t make sense right now. I can imagine you sleeping soundly and peacefully at the same time. I remember the few times I saw you sleeping and each time it was different. I saw how you became more comfortable and vulnerable around me. I remember the first time I fell asleep in your arms while holding your hand. I wish we can have more of that. 

Each day that we spend together makes me love you even more. Of course we have bad messy days when I get you mad. But I’m sure we can overcome that. The more we get to know each other as we open up makes this relationship stronger in such a very short time. I know sometimes I look too far ahead in future and I completely forget that we just started and that you have a lot of years ahead of you. I keep on forgetting that. I’m not trying to give you pressure. And for sure you can handle that professionally. 

I just want you to know that I am sorry for all the drama I bring in your life. I know you did not want any of this but there’s no stopping now. I want you to know that I am feeling very lucky to have you when I felt like I had no one. Just being able to see your face and hold your hand for a few moments is enough for me to know that you are looking after me. Thank you for bringing happiness in my life. Thank you for patiently listening to my complaints and insecurity. 

I promise to be better. For us.

I still barely know you that’s why I’m anxious all the time. Afraid to lose you because I couldn’t be enough. I’ll try my best to give you more than you deserve. From the beginning I told you everything there is to know. I never put up walls for you to break or play mind games with you. I was clear about what I wanted and expect from all of this. 

I’m not rushing but from the time that we first met until now, I think we are doing well. I hope that all this is real and goes a long way. We’ll continue to build trust and communication. I believe honesty and complete submission of oneself is very important in every relationship so we’ll work on that together. 

Anyway this is too long and you will probably will just scroll past this. But i love you and i don’t have any explanations as to why really. We have different values I hope that we can work out our differences so we can make this work more than anything. I know I shouldn’t get my hopes too high at this stage. I’ll try to contain all these emotions and just see it as each day passes. 
I will love you more every day 

I will promise to be better every day 

I will be your Schatz when you need me

I will try to be more patient and understanding to my capabilities 

I will be the best friend you would want to be talking about everything without hesitation and keep all your hopes, fears and dreams safely. 

I love you and I hope you know that. 

Much love, 



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